Technical Difficulties – Please Stand By

“So… do you think our insurance covers this?”



I may have slightly underestimated just how much the latest patch and Cottage Living would break my ToC save. 🤣

I have 2/3rds of a chapter done, but I can’t shoot the last scene, because my metaphorical studio is short-circuiting and also a little bit on fire. I’m going to wait for the mods to publish updated versions and putting my save into quarantine until then.

So. See you soon! As soon as all the fires are out. 😂

With love from Yimi ❤

6 thoughts on “Technical Difficulties – Please Stand By

  1. Your photos are indescribable 😂

    I think I caught the message …
    Don’t worry, I’m waiting patiently while the studio is being rebuilt.
    PS: I hope all actors are unharmed.

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    1. I had more fun making that than I probably should have 🤣

      In my mind, the whole thing is shot in one of the San Myshuno movie studios, and they’re all actors playing a part. At the end of the day, they change back into normal clothes and go home. Sometimes they have pizza parties. Other times the studio malfunctions and half of the place burns to the ground.

      Don’t worry! No sims were harmed in the making of this disaster 🤭

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    1. It’s all low-budget scenery as I am a poor peasant who relies on CC and free editing programs to do the magic for me 🤭 The wind turbine may have been the first to burn to the ground.

      Aggro may have gotten slightly zapped in the shower. 😂

      It is! I changed her hair to the Cottage Living one because I like it and it resembles my real hair more – or at least it did, until the hairdresser was way too enthusiastic with “just trimming the edges”. Darn it. Now I have to grow it out all over again. *angry grumbling*

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