I can’t believe this page exists. ๐Ÿ˜

Mini Camelot by SnuffyBucket

“She even got my hair right!” – Arthur

“Aww, look at you, standing all cute next to each other. Now kiss.”
“M-milady! T-that’s highly inappropriate!” – Morgana and Guinevere

“I wonder if I can still hold a sword like that?” – Gawain

Mini Camelot II by SnuffyBucket

“What witchcraft is this? I look… cute.” – Lancelot

“I have to give her some credit. My hat looks impeccable.” – Agravaine

“Hey! Watcher! Why does she get to-“
Shush, Cenred.

“Yes, be quiet, darling. We all know that my pixel design is the Watcher’s favourite, anyway.” – Nimueh

Water Dragon by Snowbnuuy

“Magnificent. A worthy tribute.” – Nimueh

Fire Dragon by Snowbnuuy

“…not bad.” – [REDACTED]

Mini Camelot III by SnuffyBucket

“Oooh, she even got my earring. Lincoln, come look! You look so cute!”
– Morgause and Lincoln

“NO! This humiliation shall not stand! Watcher, take that off your blog this instant! Watcher!
WATCHER!” – Draggro
“My name is NOT-“
Shut up, Aggravating.

“I’m really just here for the snacks.” – Cornwall Knight

CameFruits by SnuffyBucket

โ€œThat aubergine is Little Dick, isnโ€™t it? Ha! Even his fruit version is tiny.โ€ – Sarah

Earth Dragon by Snowbnuuy

“I look old.”
Well, you are thousands of years old. And don’t dragons become more powerful with-
“Yes, practically a senile senior, Cenred. We should find you a cane and some magical seeing aids for the blind.”
“At least I am not the one with loosening scales.”
“It was shedding season, you pebble-brained barbarian! They were useful-
“Yes, and how many mortals did that display end up bringing you? Ah, that’s right. Zero.”

“…Every time I talk to you, I become more convinced that your condition would be enormously improved by death.”

-Cenred and Nimueh

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