3.1 – Broken Alliances

One month earlier… “What is the meaning of this?!” “I believe I’ve made myself perfectly clear, Rodor. Your son’s engagement is hereby annulled.” The throne room filled itself with gasps and echoed whispers as King Rodor raised his arms, shaking his head in confusion at the man in front of him.“We had an agreement, Uther!Continue reading “3.1 – Broken Alliances”

Bonus Content – A Dragon’s Will

Disclaimer: Violence, injury, shirtless Lincoln, clothes-less Nimueh – – – – – – “Faun. Wake up.” Lincoln was drawn out of the void by the sound of a familiar voice. Slowly, the dark haze of unconsciousness faded away. He gradually became aware of his own body, as well as the cold, uncomfortable rock that itContinue reading “Bonus Content – A Dragon’s Will”

Bonus Content – Morgause’s Determination

“…Emrys. Welcome back.” The druid sank down, getting onto his knees as he lowered his head.“I need your help.” Emrys’s words echoed out through the sanctuary, passing the thousands of droplets that drifted through the air. His voice sounded misplaced in the fantastical space around him. It felt intrusive, almost unwelcome.And a deafening silence followedContinue reading “Bonus Content – Morgause’s Determination”

Bonus Content – Ladies’ Man

On the timeline, this one happens while Arthur, Morgana and Guinevere are in Scarborough. In theory, the Tall Tales tavern closed at midnight, and opened at ten in the morning. In practice, the tavern was never closed – and never empty. By the time that the previous night’s guests were lucid enough to get upContinue reading “Bonus Content – Ladies’ Man”

Bonus – Podargos’s Day Out

The summer before the Knight’s festival, after Arthur’s men had a “disagreement” that turned a little too heated – in public. “Explain yourselves.” “The clotpole was asking for it,” Elyan replied, aggressively defending himself. “I warned him that I’d clobber his face the next time he talked about-“ “You nearly broke my nose, you ignorantContinue reading “Bonus – Podargos’s Day Out”