2.32 – The Nature of Darkness

Disclaimer: violence. In order to understand the nature of dark magic, and why its presence is such a blight upon the natural world, one needs to understand the nature of life and death. Every sapient creature on this plane of existence is, at their core, a being made up out of three elements: body, spiritContinue reading “2.32 – The Nature of Darkness”

2.31 – Spiral

Disclaimer: blood, icky medieval hospital (not at the same time, ironically) “Elyan!” Gawain moved on instinct. Everything else in the arena faded away, becoming a distant blur as he sprinted towards his fallen friend. Elyan wasn’t moving. An ice cold fear clasped its way around his heart as he saw the dark-haired swordsman slowly slideContinue reading “2.31 – Spiral”

2.29 – Torn fates

Disclaimer: very dark. Has elements of horror. Right. Remember that abyss that I mentioned? Yeah. We’re here. 😐 – “…And that’s how I ended up in the broom closet all night.” “Hogwash,” Gawain replied, highly amused. “You did not hide in a closet.” “Oh, but he did,” Bayard said, sitting to Gawain’s left. “It tookContinue reading “2.29 – Torn fates”

2.28 – Connection

Disclaimer: implication of suicide With the Knight’s Tournament in full swing, Guinevere’s workload had doubled. It was her first tournament as a royal servant, and she had severely underestimated just how tough it would be. It hadn’t even been a week yet, and she was already wishing that the event was over. She couldn’t helpContinue reading “2.28 – Connection”

2.27 – The Tournament

I know what you are. And Morgana finally realized. She finally understood just what it was that she had felt… and why that feeling was so, so very familiar. Cenred was a sorcerer. Just like her. Morgana slowly exhaled, allowing herself to be swept up in their dance once more. Her heart was beating loudlyContinue reading “2.27 – The Tournament”

2.26 – Play Your Role

– – For as long as Arthur could remember, Castle Camelot had played host to a myriad of rooms and halls that went unused. Guest suites. Conference chambers. Two of the castle’s five towers. Former servant’s quarters. Most of those stood empty, only opening for use during grand events. One of those unused chambers wasContinue reading “2.26 – Play Your Role”

2.25 – Chain Reaction

Disclaimer: Very dark. Has elements of death in it. Two days after being released from the dungeon, Gawain found himself back in the Tall Tales tavern. The young redhead was a regular. Elyan and Gawain often indulged in drunken boasting and arm wrestling contests, squandering their wages on replacements for the many tables that theyContinue reading “2.25 – Chain Reaction”

2.24 – Laws as Written

For the people who are wondering about the memory pictures – The happy ones retain some colour, while the normal ones turn grey. The more grainy and dark around the edges they get, the older they are, or the deeper they are buried.The exception are the “big” memories. Those are sharp. They’re either colourful, happyContinue reading “2.24 – Laws as Written”

2.23 – A Misunderstanding

It had started with disappearances. Hushed gossip about a baker’s son that never made it home. The tailor’s apprentice, vanishing one day without a trace. Rumours of farmhands and workers from the mills being taken, with some of them never returning to their work. When the citizens of Camelot began to realize what was happening,Continue reading “2.23 – A Misunderstanding”