2.22 – Full Circle

As the year’s warm Summer faded into Autumn, Arthur and Morgana’s stay in Scarborough came to an end. “Everything is packed, mil-Trevor. I’ve informed miss Goth of our departure, and handed in our room keys, too. We’re ready to go.”“Good. Thank you, Cordelia.” The Crown Prince glanced over to the bed behind the maidservant. HisContinue reading “2.22 – Full Circle”

2.21 – The Price of Magick

Morgana met with what would become her first real mentor in a sun-kissed flower field, sheltered and guarded from prying eyes by the ring of trees that grew around the sanctuary. The two witches stood facing each other, one expectantly, the other hesitant. A doubtful expression played in Morgana’s eyes. The young witch was nervous.Continue reading “2.21 – The Price of Magick”

2.20 – The Rules of Parley, part II

Warning: mildly NSFW. The King of Cornwall had always been a good talker. It was the first thing that Uther had noticed about Gorlois when they first met. The man had been blessed with a silver tongue, easily befriending nobles left and right. As a young man, Gorlois of Cornwall had been able to charmContinue reading “2.20 – The Rules of Parley, part II”

2.19 – The Rules of Parley, part I

When the company of knights from Camelot arrived at Hadrian’s Wall, Gorlois and his men were already there. And they had made themselves comfortable. Uther could see several boxes of supplies stacked against the wall, as well as multiple tents and tarps set up. There was even a fresh catch of fish drying by theContinue reading “2.19 – The Rules of Parley, part I”

2.18 – Truth, Part II

When Morgana reunited with Arthur and Guinevere, both of them responded to her teasing in strange ways. Where her maidservant was surprisingly calm and subdued, now it was her brother whose cheeks rapidly turned scarlet in response to Morgana’s not-so-subtle innuendos.If it were any other day, Morgana would have jumped on their behaviour with glee.ButContinue reading “2.18 – Truth, Part II”

2.17 – Truth, Part I

I just finished taking pictures when I realized that nobody was wearing their flower crowns anymore. I’m turning it into “they all fell off during the dance”. Shush. They did. Also, I apologise in advance for the sappy cringe. xD We’ll get back to soul-crushing darkness eventually, I promise. “Wait. You’re leaving?!” The three ofContinue reading “2.17 – Truth, Part I”

2.16 – Scarborough Fair, Part III

“A festival?” “Yes,” Guinevere nodded, her lips pulling into the smile of a pleasant memory. “It was never this big in the past. Before it became a-a trading fair, it was only a one-day festival. The markets weren’t this big before. But there was always music a-and dancing. And baking. I remember how the morningContinue reading “2.16 – Scarborough Fair, Part III”

2.15 – Scarborough Fair, Part II

It was almost past sunset when Guinevere finally awoke from her slumber. The girl groaned, slowly turning around on her mattress. Her mind was still heavy with the cobwebs of sleep. It had been a while since she had slept on something soft. The last fourteen days had been nothing but lying on dirt, lyingContinue reading “2.15 – Scarborough Fair, Part II”

2.14 Scarborough Fair, Part I

– – – True to his word, Arthur ended up trading his rings away in exchange for lodging. His accommodation of choice turned out to be a small place, tucked away between side streets. It was more a pub than a tavern, with only a few rooms available. They had no extra services. For anContinue reading “2.14 Scarborough Fair, Part I”