2.4 – Origin, Part One

I’t’s going to get weird. According to the legends, this is a thing. I’m not changing it. Fight me. Under the warm rays of the rising summer sun, Arthur Pendragon addressed his would-be knights. The scene itself was nothing out of the ordinary – they gathered in the courtyard almost every morning.  But this time,Continue reading “2.4 – Origin, Part One”

2.3 – Family

*Yes, the horses have no reins… still searching for those, haha. Forgive me. ❤ The hour after sunrise was Morgana Pendragon’s favourite time of day. In a world of constant court intrigue and political deception, that hour was one of the few moments in her day where Morgana could relax. Inside her chambers, she didn’tContinue reading “2.3 – Family”

2.2 – Unlikely Alliances

“My apologies for eavesdropping.” “I think we have a common enemy tonight.” For a moment, the depths of Murkwood forest were completely silent. Not a single person moved. The only sound was that of the wind, gently rustling and moving through the trees above their heads. Then, that moment passed. A metallic scraping resounded throughoutContinue reading “2.2 – Unlikely Alliances”

2.1 – Knights-in-training

Evening in the Tall Tales tavern always was a rowdy time of day. Cheap spirits flowed freely for everyone that came in with coin, and many workers spent their entire day’s earnings long before the coming of midnight. Some were just there to have a good time. Others came to drown their sorrows in flagonsContinue reading “2.1 – Knights-in-training”

Prologue, Part II – Experience

Woops. These were meant to be published as a pair, but my electricity decided it wanted to try being a mutineer. Sorry for the wait! Carefully, Gawain made his way up to the roof. The assassin had already moved onto the ramparts. Gawain gulped, hesitating right as he reached for the door. If he steppedContinue reading “Prologue, Part II – Experience”

Prologue, Part I – Time

Years passed. The seasons changed. Trees slowly grew, reaching higher towards the sky inch by painstaking inch, as they shed and re-grew leaves with every cycle. And as the years passed, Camelot thrived. Weddings and unions were celebrated. Children were born. Elderly passed away. Old secrets were slowly forgotten, passing away into obscurity.Life continued. ButContinue reading “Prologue, Part I – Time”

1.6 – Arthur, Part Two

That afternoon, while the servants were away, Arthur snuck his way into the castle’s kitchen. It was a large chamber, with a massive fireplace by the wall and a wooden table filled with delicious ingredients. The castle’s larders were stocked. They’d had a good harvest this year – Camelot had enough food to fill theContinue reading “1.6 – Arthur, Part Two”