Bonus Content

Because every now and then, I get up to weird stuff.

Bonus (not canon)

Cenchard’s Wedding
“And now I want to take screenshots of Richard and Cenred’s wedding after he declares his undying love for his braid. Agravaine can marry them off. In drag.”

Once Upon A time
Have you ever wondered what the story would be if the cast was all Fae from the beginning?

Yeah, me neither.

Coming soon

Bonus (canon)

(Chapter 2.4)

Uther’s Anger
(Chapter 2.35)

Snow Day
(Somewhere during Arc 3)

Podargos’s Day Out
(Before the Scarborough chapters)

Ladies’ Man
(During the Scarborough chapters)

Morgause’s Determination
(During most of Arc 2)

A Dragon’s Will
(After the Scarborough chapters)

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