3.13 – Nature’s Wrath

Disclaimer: Creepy, Blood (no nosebleeds) “What… what the hell is this?”  Baffled, Gawain looked at the scenery before him. The druid camp was abandoned. Dozens of creeping thorns had overtaken the campsite, spreading all over the area and uprooting the ground underneath. Gawain could see the carcass of a bear, its body still and unmoving.Continue reading “3.13 – Nature’s Wrath”

3.12 – Moral Dilemma

Disclaimer: disturbing. The big spooders went somewhere and I don’t know where.   Oh, bollocks. With an expression of complete disbelief, the Crown Prince looked down on the tiny toddler in front of him. Arthur’s logic quickly reasoned out what his intuition had already concluded. If the dark green eyes, tanned skin and shoulder-length, braidedContinue reading “3.12 – Moral Dilemma”

3.11 – Bloody Magic

Disclaimer: big spooders. “Did you take the oath?” As he knelt beside the druid, something strange happened. Arthur could see the hesitation in the man’s eyes. He saw the fear and suspicion reflected back at him. But as Arthur kept eye contact, silently willing for him to answer, that suspicion suddenly faded. Arthur could seeContinue reading “3.11 – Bloody Magic”

3.10 – Lack of Sugar

Disclaimer: big spider. Also, I forgot to take off Aggro’s blush. Let’s pretend that he caught a cold. 😂 At the first signs of dusk, Gawain’s group reached the outer edges of Murkwood forest. “What… what’s happened?” Gawain muttered, visibly confused as he looked at the cold, hostile forest before him. “This isn’t how IContinue reading “3.10 – Lack of Sugar”

3.9 – Composure

Every week, the shopping district in Camelot was home to a different type of market. Its wares varied wildly – one week, they had fruits and vegetables on display. The next time, it would be pottery and earthenware, replaced by leathers, handcrafted trinkets and even cheap jewellery at times.   This time, it was a crafts market.Continue reading “3.9 – Composure”

3.7 – I Will Not Fail You

“Our scouts have confirmed it, sire. Nemeth’s armies are moving towards Murkwood.” “So it begins,” Uther spoke, looking down on the small patch of green that was in between Nemeth and Camelot. His eyes narrowed.“They dare not meet us out in the open, so they decide to skulk through the woods like the cowards theyContinue reading “3.7 – I Will Not Fail You”

3.6 – A Faun’s Compassion, Part II

“Why are you hiding?”  …Bollocks.   This was bad. This was very bad. The young Faun took a step back, frantically looking around for an escape. In a nervous stammer, Lincoln mumbled: “I-I’m not hiding-” “You so were!” the girl yelled, gleefully interrupting him.  “You were standing all the way behind the rocks, right where I couldn’t see you! ThatContinue reading “3.6 – A Faun’s Compassion, Part II”

3.5 – A Faun’s Compassion, Part I

– – “You wish to take away pain?” Lincoln nodded, nervously crossing his arms. He had pondered where to go all day. The young Faun had had all kinds of ideas, one even more far-fetched than the other. But in the end, Lincoln knew where his worries would eventually take him.Right back to Nimueh’s lair.Continue reading “3.5 – A Faun’s Compassion, Part I”