3.27 – Imbolc, Part II

Morgana had set out first thing in the morning, leaving the city of Camelot behind and riding into the wilderness. The sorceress headed West. She went that way on purpose, having contemplated it for the entirety of Winter. The rough hillside that flanked Camelot’s outskirts was practically uninhabited. The ground was not suitable to growContinue reading “3.27 – Imbolc, Part II”

3.25 – Yule, Part II

Author’s note: Has some disclaimers. Highlight them if you’re worried. Skip them if you don’t want spoilers.Disclaimer: Painful. This chapter deals with the death of a child. With long, confident strides, the future Duke of Henford weaved his way through the dancing crowd. Lancelot had rejected offers from female suitors all evening. He’d purposefully stayedContinue reading “3.25 – Yule, Part II”

3.23 – Winter Respite, Part III

Author’s note: Sorry for vanishing for a week – for those of you who aren’t on the forums, I had a very bad week cumulating in a risky surgery for one of my cats. Then my other cat ended up needing surgery as well, almost right after. We’re hanging in there. Just keep swimming, right?Continue reading “3.23 – Winter Respite, Part III”

3.22 – Winter Respite, Part II

When Winter finally arrived, the coldest season wasted no time in settling in. Temperatures dropped almost overnight.  The entirety of Camelot became covered in a thick, gleaming layer of snow. Firewood was dragged inside en-masse, keeping hearths alight until the small hours of the morning. Farm work stopped entirely. There would be no new cropsContinue reading “3.22 – Winter Respite, Part II”

3.21 – Winter Respite, Part I

Morgana’s prediction about Murkwood ended up coming true. The surviving members of Nemeth’s vanguard – who had been reduced to just the lieutenant, along with a single soldier – were so horrified by what had happened in Murkwood that they stopped the entire army in its tracks. Emergency meetings were held. Plans were changed. A second and third squadronContinue reading “3.21 – Winter Respite, Part I”

3.20 – Return to Camelot

Note: look at the tiny dragon divider… look at it 😍 Two hours earlier…. “Morgana. Stay.” The sorceress looked up, making eye contact with Merlin as he held onto her shoulders. She could feel his hands squeezing her arms, unwilling to let go.“I want you to stay with me,” he muttered. “Don’t go back toContinue reading “3.20 – Return to Camelot”

3.18 – Pure of Heart

Disclaimer: more violent. Emrys groaned, knocked back and thrown off-balance by the force of Monoroe’s kick. She had slammed her furred boot straight into his stomach. Hard. Emrys doubled over, groaning and almost regurgitating his breakfast in the process. As the fight progressed, the druid could feel his energy rapidly leaving him. The vines tightened around hisContinue reading “3.18 – Pure of Heart”