2.16 – Scarborough Fair, Part III

“A festival?” “Yes,” Guinevere nodded, her lips pulling into the smile of a pleasant memory. “It was never this big in the past. Before it became a-a trading fair, it was only a one-day festival. The markets weren’t this big before. But there was always music a-and dancing. And baking. I remember how the morningContinue reading “2.16 – Scarborough Fair, Part III”

2.15 – Scarborough Fair, Part II

It was almost past sunset when Guinevere finally awoke from her slumber. The girl groaned, slowly turning around on her mattress. Her mind was still heavy with the cobwebs of sleep. It had been a while since she had slept on something soft. The last fourteen days had been nothing but lying on dirt, lyingContinue reading “2.15 – Scarborough Fair, Part II”

2.14 Scarborough Fair, Part I

– – – True to his word, Arthur ended up trading his rings away in exchange for lodging. His accommodation of choice turned out to be a small place, tucked away between side streets. It was more a pub than a tavern, with only a few rooms available. They had no extra services. For anContinue reading “2.14 Scarborough Fair, Part I”

2.13 – The Road to Scarborough, Part III

Nobody got any sleep that night. – – A dragon. How does one come to grips with an event that changes reality? The Crown Prince quickly realized that he didn’t know. Arthur had no idea to deal with what he had seen, or with the implications that their encounter had promised for the future. FiguringContinue reading “2.13 – The Road to Scarborough, Part III”

2.12 – The Road to Scarborough, Part II

Whew! This one took some effort to make. You’ll see why. I hope you enjoy, guys! To Morgana’s surprise, the sorceress found Guinevere not even sixty feet from the location of their makeshift camp, looking out over a small lake. Her maidservant had been closer than she thought. Too close. Close enough for Morgana’s innerContinue reading “2.12 – The Road to Scarborough, Part II”

2.11 – The Road to Scarborough, Part I

Guys, I still don’t have horse reins. I think I’ll just make it a thing. Yup, it’s canon now. They’re all natural born horse masters that don’t need reins in the first place. Fight me. xD – – Shortly before the arrival of dawn, Arthur and Morgana Pendragon weaved through the sleeping hallways and exitedContinue reading “2.11 – The Road to Scarborough, Part I”

2.10 – Olive Branch

In the Iron King’s royal chambers, Uther and Agravaine were in the middle of their daily report. The Royal advisor made a point of structurally informing his King of everything that his network of informants picked up on, both in Camelot itself and in the surrounding nations. Countless scrolls and letters arrived every day. AgravaineContinue reading “2.10 – Olive Branch”

2.8 – For the Future of Albion

…pain. Morgana Pendragon groaned, drifting in and out of the void repeatedly as her consciousness slowly became aware of her body. It hurt.Everything hurt. Her arms. Her legs. Her chest. Even breathing was painful. Morgana felt like she was caught underneath an immense rock, the weight of it pressing down on her lungs and slowlyContinue reading “2.8 – For the Future of Albion”

2.7 – The Lady of the Lake

The gift of magick is a rare, precious occurrence in this world. Only a select few are blessed enough to be born with it, and even fewer ever reach their full potential. Every natural born sorcerer possesses the ability to draw upon an inner well of power. That well allows them to manipulate the forcesContinue reading “2.7 – The Lady of the Lake”