Halloween Special – Aggro 1

As Draggro draws close to one of the hedge walls, it folds into itself and opens up to reveal a passageway. You trail after him, the grass underneath your feet crunching with every step. You can hear Aggro cursing under his breath as he walks.
“Bloody levereters… nobody has respect for the head of church anymore these days…”

You make it all the way out of the clearing and partway into the next passageway before Agger turns around and throws his hands up, shooing aggressively at you.
“Have you not heard of the term ‘listen to your elders’, you moppet?! I am not in the mood! Shoo! Go do whatever you depraved simlit writers do when you’re not tormenting us and let me find my way out in-”

The words get abruptly caught in his throat as he glances around the corner. His arms fall to his side. An expression of dread rapidly spreads across his face as he looks at the passageway ahead of you. You lean past him, peeking around the corner as well-

“That… that is barely a challenge!” Agger huffs. “Is that all you’ve got, Watcher?! I’m not scared. Why would I be scared? It’s just a bunch of mushrooms. Of course I’m not scared! I deal with vile criminals on the daily and keep the Pendragons from getting brutally assassinated every week. I fear nothing! Of course I don’t!”

You watch as Aggravating straightens his shoulders and begins to march past the tree trunk, angrily muttering under his breath again.
“Bloody deranged Watcher. I’ll show you. You and your cheap, pixlr-edited, plasticky CC. This doesn’t scare me. This doesn’t scare anyone.”

“I’m… not afraid.”

The path leads around the corner and ends in a cosy-looking wood-and-stone cottage. Dragger narrows his eyes suspiciously as soon as the structure appears in his vision.
“Witch’s cabin. There’s no doubt about it. I would recognise that vile, depraved presence anywhere.”

He refuses to go first. You step up instead, pushing against the door. It is unlocked and instantly gives way, swinging open with a wide arch to reveal the inside.  

Agravating lets out a noise of disgust as he takes in his surroundings.
“Truly depraved. Surely, only a thoroughly disturbed individual could design something as repulsive as this. Don’t touch anything – every object in here is probably cursed or hexed or worse.”

You can see a lone crystal ball sitting on the table in the middle of the cabin. It seems very deliberately placed.

“Oh, that? The Watcher said something about ‘touching the balls to start the challenge’. I didn’t listen. She was being vile on purpose and it’s all hogwash and poppycock to me, anyway. It’s probably cursed the most horribly out of everything in this wretched room and-”

In a witch’s house, there was a magic kitchen. Every day it would serve a freshly-made meal for the witch at 7PM.

One day, the witch came back very late. When she finally came home, all of the food greeted her.

“I’ve made mushroom stew for you!” said the stew in the pot.

“You can dip me in the stew and eat me!” said the bread.

“You must be thirsty. Please drink me right away.” said the wine.

“Eat me, and the heat of the day will be wiped away,” said the ice cream dessert.

Now… one of these is lying. Which one is it?

[ The stew / The bread / The wine / The ice cream / Dragger hint ]

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