Halloween Special – Aggro 2

“Oh, I see. If she came back really late, the ice cream would have melted. You can’t wash away the day’s heat with melted ice cream. It would just be cream.”

“… not that that makes any difference. It’s still wicked! We should still burn the cabin down, and that wretched witch along with it. This is obviously malefic and intended to trap simpler minds than ours. In fact, I will stay in this den of depravity no longer! Where is the exit?!”

As if on cue, the door on the other side of the cabin unlocks with a loud click. Agravating doesn’t hesitate. He immediately barrels down towards the door.
“You’ll have to try harder in order to trap ME, Watcher! HA!”

You can hear his footsteps stomping out of the cabin before abruptly coming to a halt. A short silence falls.
Then, you hear his voice echo out on the outside.
“What the heck is THIS?!”

You follow Draggrovater-
“For the last bloody time! It’s AGRAVAINE!”
-out of the witch’s cabin. It doesn’t take you long to find him. The involuntary Drag Queen has stopped not five feet from the cabin’s exit, groaning and massaging his temples out of frustration as he gazes at a small, stone fairy castle.
“You have got to be kidding me. My escape from this hell rests on the secrets of an oversized children’s toy. That is just bloody fantastic.”

“Well, I am not touching that den of toddler diseases. Not with a ten-foot pole. It’s all yours.”

You reach out, moving the purple curtains to the side to reveal a small ritual chamber. You can see a miniscule crystal ball on a table at the very back of the dollhouse. You go to touch it-

You are the most eligible bachelor of the Kingdom!

“I KNEW it! It is only to be expected – who can say no to this ruggedly handsome-”

Shush, Lionel. You’re a prop today. *cough* Right! As I was saying, you are the most eligible bachelor of the Kingdom!

As such, the King has invited you to his castle so that you can choose one of his three daughters to marry.

The eldest princess is honest and always tells the truth.

The youngest princess is dishonest and always lies.

The middle princess is fickle and bends the truth on a whim.

As you will be forever married to one of them, you want to marry the eldest (truth-teller) or the youngest (liar) because at least you’ll know where you stand with them. The problem is that they look identical! The King will only grant you ONE yes or no question which you may only address to ONE of the sisters.

Is there a yes or no question that you can ask that will ensure you do not marry the middle sister?

[ Yes / No / Dragonator hint ]

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