Halloween Special – Aggro 3

If you want a step-by-step guide on how to solve the last question, go here.

You can see the wall to your right fold into itself and open up, revealing the final passageway. Draggonaut huffs at the sight of it.
“Finally. Please let this nightmare be over already.”

You follow behind him as he stomps his way through the soft grass. He doesn’t look back at you. The wrongly-dressed Jacoban priest marches right up to the end of the corridor, turning to take the corner-

Before freezing in his tracks completely. You can see him flinch, raising his arms protectively as an expression of absolute dread spreads across his face.
“I changed my mind. I’ll walk around in your bloody pantomime tribute.”

He refuses to move forward. You catch up to him, curiously peeking around the corner.

“Don’t go over there. You don’t need to proceed. You- you can just take the other path, right? It’s not like it matters. You won’t miss anything important, it- it’s just a flimsily-made Hall-ween special.”

“Just walk away. Don’t… don’t do this to me.”

You can see Agravaine flinch, freezing in place as several glowing pixies flit out from the centre of the mushroom circle. Cold sweat gathers on his brow. When he speaks, it is in a barely audible whimper.

“…please. Don’t make me relive this.”

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