Halloween Special – Lancelot 1

“How splendid. Have you ever heard of the term ‘curiosity killed the cat’?”

Lancelot laughs, a hollow chuckle that does not reach his eyes. As he turns around, one of the hedge walls shifts. A small opening appears in the corner of the room. Lancelot leaves the gazebo, heading for the passageway and gesturing for you to follow.

“Come with me, then. Let’s see if satisfaction brings you back.”

What follows is a twisting, winding passageway that branches off in all directions. The maze very quickly begins to mess with your sense of direction. You can’t tell which path you came from anymore. Lancelot guides the way, seemingly turning left and right at random.

After a few minutes of his, he goes around a corner-

And abruptly comes to a halt.
“Ah…. right. These things.”

“You know, I never did figure out what the story was behind all the gnomes. No matter. Do you see that crystal ball in the middle?”

“Your first challenge is in there. If you touch it, the game will begin. Go ahead. Touch it and see what happens.”

Once upon a time, there was a traveller.

He walked five miles north, five miles east, and five miles south.

Yet, he ended up in the same place as he began.

Is such a thing possible?

[ No / Yes / Lancelot hint ]

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