Halloween Special – Lancelot 2

“…Oh, I see. So that’s the trick to this. You need to think about it three-dimensionally. Drawing it on paper doesn’t work. But if you consider that our world is a sphere… then if you leave from the exact centre of the South Pole, it is possible. You would loop around and simply return to where you came from.”

The rustling of leaves announces another passageway opening. The sound of laughter echoes in from a small, stone cottage in the distance, together with the scent of cheap ale and wine.
“One challenge down. Two left to complete.”

“…you can still turn around, you know. It would be better. You don’t need to know everything.”
Lancelot lets out a short sigh, breaking eye contact and looking down at the ground as he follows.
“Who am I kidding? Of course you’d want to know everything.”

The door opens up into a worn-down, dusty cottage. Casks of ale line the walls and the crude furniture in the middle of the room makes it look like a bandit’s hideout.

Another crystal ball sits in the middle of the game table.

“…Go on, then.”

One night, four friends sat down to play. They played all night, to break of day.

They played for gold and not for fun, with separate scores for everyone.

When it came time to square accounts, all had made some fair amounts. Now, can you explain –

If none had lost, can all friends gain?

[ Yes / No / Lancelot hint ]

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