Halloween Special – Lancelot 3

“Ah, I see. It never specified what they were playing. If they play music for money, everyone could gain.“

A metallic click echoes out from the location of the door. The way forward has opened. Two down, one to go.

Halfway the exit, Lancelot’s voice suddenly resounds through the empty cabin.
“Wait. Just… wait. Stop.”

“Don’t continue.”

There’s a strange, forlorn expression in his eyes as he looks at you with desperation.
“You don’t need to know what happened. It is not important – if you’re bored, then there will be a proper chapter published somewhere next week, I’m sure of it. You can just wait for that. You don’t need to know – you don’t need to see-”

“Fine. Watcher wants to make me relive that? Go on, then. Continue. Don’t blame me for what you find.”

The door opens up into another clearing. This time, it is completely empty. No further crystal balls adorn the soft, grassy field. As Lancelot steps outside, the faint sound of bird songs and running water can be heard.

Something is glowing at the end of the clearing.

It’s a portal. Flecks of light drift up and down on the rhythm of calmly running water. The faint scent of wildflowers hangs around the portal, making Lancelot grimace as he approached. He walks up until he’s a few steps away from the light… and stops.

“Last question, reader. What fades over time, but never disappears?”

[ Memories / Scars / Trauma ]

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