“I’m featuring all the treasures, alive, dead or on hiatus, and you lot can’t stop me 🤭 – Me

Really, though, you can’t go wrong with any of these stories.

Almost Eternal (Completed), Almost Eternal 2: Descent (Completed) & Almost Eternal 3: Depths (Active), written by SnuffyBucket

Almost Eternal is an amazingly gripping tale that sends my mind into a tailspin and makes me double over with laughter in equal measure. It is a complete roller coaster ending in cliff dives, and I cannot get enough of it. Follow the trio of April, Faith and Melinda as they embark on a journey filled with vampirism, guilt, emotion and immortality – and find way more than they bargained for.

A Turtle’s Journey (Completed) & Tusnelda & Trix (Active), written by MonaSolstraale

Written and translated from Danish, A Turtle’s Journey has a special place of wholesome in my heart. Watch Finn grow in paradise as he leaves the pain of a traumatic past behind, opens up and, slowly, learns how to love again. Tusnelda and Trix in turn tells the wonderful tale of a woman and her feline companion, and the obstacles that life throws at them.

Baking By Death (Completed) & Baking By Death II: Underworld Family Values (On hiatus), written by FeroshaCoutora

Thinking of the mastermind behind Baking By Death makes me think of a four-dimensional being in a gigantic web of intrigue, secrets within secrets, amazingly wacky plot twists and a healthy dose of double-take humour on top. Baking By Death is completely mental – and I cannot stop reading it.

Between 2 Worlds (Completed) & Between 2 Worlds II (On hiatus), written by MercuryFoam

Between 2 Worlds bridges the divide between the glamorous, cold, high-profile realm of celebrities and the gritty, down-to-earth, ruthless territory of the streets. Throw in questionable magic, organised crime, teenage romance and a wonderfully witty Servant of Death, and you’ve got a story that’ll entertain for days.

The Blackwell Chronicles (Completed) & The Blackwell Chronicles II (On hiatus), written by ThePlumbob

“What happens when you lose all sense of self?” is a question I never thought I’d ask in this story. The Blackwell Chronicles took us all by surprise when a sweet tale of a girl finding her place to belong turned into a roller coaster of manipulations, magic interference, intense soul-searching and lingering vampiric threats.

Untamed (Completed), The Sun and her Fire (Completed) & Vitriol (Active), written by SnowBnuuy

What began as an Arcane Academy challenge rapidly evolved into something much more. Watch the story unfold as Helen, a witch hell-bent on usurping Morgyn Ember’s position, discovers some shocking truths about the allure of power. The Sun and her Fire is a prequel to Untamed, with Vitriol as the sequel in a world that has become fully aware – and wary – of magic.

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